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Electronics Diary Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will help you understand the kind of data you give to us and how we use it. The information you give to us is not abused in anyway and will not be used outside what is stated in this Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

Electronics Diary will not get your personal data without your consent. Here, you will see how you can voluntarily submit data, the kind of data you submit and how we make use of it.

What kind of data can you submit to us?

Emails: Using the Contact Form, you can submit your name, email and a message to us. We will not publish or sell your email in any way. We will give the best kind of reply where necessary and that will be the end of the conversation.

Another way we can get your email is when you submit it at "Get Latest Update to your Email." When you submit your Email through the form provided you subscribe to feed burner for the latest post at Electronics Diary to be delivered to you inbox as soon as it is posted. The email you submit will not be abused in any form.

Linked Websites
Electronics Diary provides links to third party sites. When you visit a site via Electronics Diary, we encourage you to read the privacy policy of the site as we do not have control over these websites.


Electronics Diary is currently using template. Please visit Google partners' privacy policy. Blogger belongs to google and that is why we are referring you to google privacy policies.

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 Advertising cookies

Google uses cookies to make advertising more effective. The basic info about you the google stores include web request, IP address, browser type and browser language. The rest of the things they store is just to help them offer better ad service.

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